How Does Redispersible Polymer Powder Work On Self-Leveling Mortar?

As a modern dry-mixed mortar material, the performances of self-leveling mortar can be significantly improved by adding redispersible powders. It plays an important role in increasing the tensile strength, flexibility and enhancing the adhesion between the base surface and the self-leveling floor material.

Redispersible polymer powder is a commonly used organic gelling material. This powder can be evenly dispersed in water again to form an emulsion when it meets water. Adding redispersible polymer powder can improve the water retention performance of freshly mixed cement mortar, as well as the bonding performance, flexibility, impermeability and corrosion resistance of hardened cement mortar.

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Effects of Redispersible Polymer Powder on Self-Leveling Tensile Properties

The dosage of redispersible polymer powder can increase its tensile strength and elongation at break of self-leveling floor materials. With increasing of redispersible polymer powder dosage, the cohesion (tensile strength) of the self-leveling material is significantly improved. Meanwhile, the flexibility and deformability of the cement-based self-leveling material are also significantly improved. This is consistent with the fact that the tensile strength of latex powder itself is more than 10 times that of cement. When the dosage is 4%, the tensile strength is increased by more than 180%, and the elongation at break is increased by more than 200%. From the perspective of health and comfort, the improvement of this flexibility is beneficial to reduce noise and improve the fatigue of the human body standing on it for a long time.

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Effect of redispersible polymer powder on self-leveling wear resistance

Although the wear resistance requirements of the bottom self-leveling material are not as high as those of the surface layer, the ground inevitably bears various dynamic and static stresses [from furniture casters, forklifts (such as warehouses) and wheels (such as parking lots), etc.], A certain wear resistance is one of the important properties of the long-term durability of the self-leveling floor. The increase in the amount of latex powder increases the wear resistance of the self-leveling material. The self-leveling material without latex powder is After 7 days of maintenance in the laboratory, the bottom has been worn out after only 4800 times of reciprocating rolling. This is because redispersible polymer powder enhances the cohesion of the self-leveling material and improves the plasticity (that is, deformability) of the self-leveling material, so that it can well disperse the dynamic stress from the roller.

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ADHES® AP2080 Re-dispersible Polymer Powder is commonly used in selleveling mortar. It is rigid type and greatly improve materials' bond strength. Meanwhile, due to copolymer itsself properties, it can increase cohesive strength and reduce cracking.

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Post time: Nov-27-2023