What Role Does Redispersible Polymer Powder Play In Diatom Mud?

Diatom mud decorative wall material is a natural and environmentally friendly interior wall decoration material, used to replace wallpaper and latex paint. It has rich textures and is handmade by workers. It can be smooth, delicate, or rough and natural. Diatom mud is soft and porous, and its unique "molecular sieve" structure determines its extremely strong adsorption and molecular exchange functions. It is a pollution-free, healthy, environmentally friendly, and green resource. 

rdp powder

Redispersible polymer powder provides ideal bonding strength, flexibility, stain resistance, waterproof and breathable properties for diatom mud decorative wall materials. Nowadays, many diatom mud is used for wall decoration. Although diatom mud is expensive, it is very environmentally friendly. Therefore, when choosing redispersible powder, you need to choose high-strength, environmentally friendly redispersible powder, which can increase the strength and sag resistance of the wall. It is necessary to add redispersible polymer powder to diatom mud, which can significantly improve the bonding strength and cohesion of the material.


Film-forming substances are the primary factor affecting the physical properties and environmental performance of diatom mud coatings. Used as a film-forming material for diatom mud, the coating requires high air permeability, bonding strength, water resistance, flexibility and low VOC content. When the polymer comes into contact with water, the water molecules form hydrogen bonds with -O-, -S-, -N-, etc. in the polymer, which enhances the moisture absorption capacity. The greater the polarity of the polymer, the stronger the water absorption capacity, while the moisture absorption capacity of non-polar polymers is almost zero. The type and number of polar groups on the molecular chain determine the moisture absorption capacity; the moisture absorption strength is also related to the polymer structure. The more regular the molecules are, the less conducive to moisture absorption; the density of the film will also affect the moisture absorption capacity of the coating. The better the continuity, the denser the film, the less conducive to moisture penetration; the worse the continuity, the stronger the capillary action, the more conducive it is to water molecules penetration. 


The roles of redispersible latex powder in diatom mud:

1. The redispersible latex powder forms a film after being dispersed and acts as a reinforcing agent as the second adhesive;

2. The protective colloid is absorbed by the mortar system (it will not be destroyed by water or "secondary dispersed" after film formation;

3. The film-forming polymer is distributed throughout the system as a reinforcing material, thereby increasing the cohesion; redispersible latex powder is a powder adhesive made from a special emulsion (polymer) spray-dried . This powder can be quickly redispersed to form an emulsion after contact with water, and has the same properties as the initial emulsion, that is, it can form a film after the water evaporates. This film has high flexibility, high weather resistance and is resistant to various high adhesion to the substrate.

4. As an organic gelling material, special latex powder for diatom mud can improve the adhesion of diatom mud decorative wall materials, increase flexibility, reduce cracking, and increase cohesion.

The special redispersible latex powder for diatom mud should be odor-free, improve the bonding strength between the diatom mud and the base layer, improve its cohesion, improve its temperature and humidity resistance, and make the diatom mud have a certain flexibility to prevent various shapes. cracking, while not affecting the adsorption and humidity-regulating properties of diatom mud. 

Post time: Jan-25-2024