HS Code 39052900 Redispersible Polymer Powder/RD Polymer Powder for Construction Drymix Mortar

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ADHES® AP1080 is a redispersible latex powder based on ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (VAE). The product has good adhesion, plasticity, water resistance and strong deformation ability; it can effectively improve the bending resistance and tensile resistance of the material in polymer cement mortar.

Longou company is a professional redispersible latex powder manufacturerRD powder for tiles is made from addition polymer emulsion by spray drying, mixed with water in mortar, emulsified and dispersed with water and reformed to form stable polymerization emulsion. After dispersing the emulsion powder in water, the water evaporates, the polymer film is formed in the mortar after drying, and the properties of the mortar are improved. Different redispersible latex powder has different effects on dry powder mortar.

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Product Description

ADHES® Redispersible latex powder can disperse in water, increase the adhesion between mortar and its substrates, and improve the mechanic property and manageability. RD powder as excellent chemicals used in construction, it can improve cement-based plaster, tile adhesive performance.

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Technical Specification

Name Redispersible latex powder AP1080
CAS NO. 24937-78-8
HS CODE 3905290000
Appearance White, freely flowing powder
Protective colloid Polyvinyl alcohol
Additives Mineral anti-caking agent
Residual moisture ≤ 1%
Bulk density 400-650(g/l)
Ash (burning under 9500℃) 15±2%
Lowest film forming temperature (℃) 4℃
Film property Hard
pH Value 5-9.0(Aqueous solution containing 10% dispersion)
Security Non-toxic
Package(Multi-layer of paper plastic composite bag) 25(Kg/bag)


➢ Building exterior insulation mortar            

➢ Interior wall putty

➢ Ceramic tile adhesive

➢ Gypsum-based plaster

➢ Cement-based plaster

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Main Performances

➢ Excellent redispersion performance

➢ Improve the rheological and working performance of mortar

➢ Increase open time

➢ Improve the bonding strength

➢ Increase cohesive strength

➢ Good Abrasion resistance

➢ Reduce cracking

Storage and delivery

Store in a dry and cool place in its original package. After the package is opened for production, tight re-sealing must be taken as soon as possible to avoid ingress of moisture.

Package: 25kg/bag, multi-layer paper plastic composite bag with square bottom valve opening, with inner layer polyethylene film bag.

 Shelf life

Please use it within 6 months, use it as early as possible under high temperature and humidity, so as not to increase the probability of caking.

 Product safety

ADHES ® Re-dispersible Polymer Powder belongs to non-toxic product.

We advise that all customers who use ADHES ® RDP and those who are in contact with us read Material Safety Data Sheet carefully. Our safety experts are happy to advise you on safety, health, and environmental issues.

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